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everything must shine for me

site-specific project

concept Daria Tchapanova

2013 -2015

everything must shine for me tells the story of a young boy, Bradlee Loveday. He lives in a residential building „Vinay Court“ close to the Warwick Junction (Durban/SA). The work reflects his desire to live a better life in a seriously difficult living situation. It also speaks to all people living in this area.

The work was initiated in 2013 and based on Bradlee‘s story of a diamond - a tattoo on his arm. It stands for hope.
 The video gives insight to the story and shows life inside the building, a place away from public where discrimination, violence and crime are the biggest challenges of everyday life.

Project supported by

DALA - art and architecture for social change; Goethe Institut South Africa; BMEIA South Africa



artSpace Durban, South Africa

The installation was part of the project „interface“ initiated by the Durban based collective DALA – a parallel project during the 25. UIA (Union of Architecture) Congress held in Durban (SA) 2014.

More information

link for video coming soon


video 18:34min

david vs. goliath

reclaiming space 2013

the kids of the Vinay Court, Durban (SA)

Before the project began, I discovered the house and its surrounding area with the kids living in Vinay Court. We used a white thread to mark the space and project our wishes into the public area.

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