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Thuli & Daria

sharing thoughts

about artistic movement and friendship

Thuli: Yes, it's nice, let's do it, you know, but what's gonna be the outcome? Are we going to continue?

Daria:  It's important. It's all about that, but

I don't know.

recorded 22 november 2022

©Thuli Mlamblo-James & Daria Tchapanova

printed on paper


extracts of a research #2

Wien Woche "artist visa: a new perspective" 21.9.22/ Depot Wien

video 10:05 

©daria tchapanova

sound: Peter Zirbs

"Splinter II (Prime Numbers)"

©2021 Fabrique Records

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-23 um 09.36.19.png

bits and pieces 

work in progress ...

In my visual research I have talked to twelve international artists, activists and cultural workers. Their voices tell stories about cross artistic movement and everyday life...

border connection_daria_rec.png

with special TXH to

Laurène Southe | Masha Godovannaya

Chinara Majidova | Sarita Jenamani

Bita Bell | Finn aka Animal Bro

Ciwan Veysel | Shahrzad Nazarpour

Cristina Peregrina | Jihad Al-khatib  

Sakina Teyna | Jaskaran Anand

work in progress ...

A report about my research ...

in collaboration


during my fellowship 

while working as a fellow of kültüř gemma! with the Austrian UNESCO Commission I initiated a project about the big topic “artistic freedom“.

I am looking at artistic freedom through the lens of “international artist mobility/ barriers & exclusion“.

OPEN CALL for interview partners

ended January 16th 2022

Thank you for your contribution!!!

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