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site-specific project

The project is focused on symbolical functions of spaces in and around Soweto and the preconceived idea about social behavior as informed by vandalism. The conceived idea of this project-space as a working process negotiates a better understanding about space configuration, order, structure, transformation and the role spaces play in our social construct. As well as the importance of visual arts and its contribution in society, especially in Soweto.

Artists in Collaboration

Daria Tchapanova, Happy Dhlame, Senzo Nhlapo, Similo Hlatshwayo, Thuso Moruthane,

Ubunto Bobunto Arts - Bongani Khumalo, Joseph Monnatlala, Lehlohonolo Mkhasibe, Mzimkulu Gojo, Thulani Zondo, Thomas Moremi;

Soweto, South Africa 2012

Funda Community College  (funda = to read)
“Funda Community College, formally known as „African Institute of Art“, was built 1984 and came out from this revolt. It is a Non-Governmental Organization and was built by 18 community based organizations as a direct response to the revolt in 1976. The idea was to create an institution which provides alternative education for the socially disadvantage population of Soweto and other townships around South Africa. (...)
Funda became a place were the education and cultural activists of Soweto were based. It was the place where the first teachers union of
the country was launched as well as the first branch of the Democratic Party. It was a place where the Panafrican Congress had memorial
lectures undertaken in the big lecture hall and in fact the art center was an ANC (African National Congress) underground base with a front in social documentation and film.”

Motsumi Makhene Head of Board, Fine Arts Department F.C.C.

About the space

Before the initiation, the space was empty and unused, after the exhibition the space turned into a working space for students at FCC. The reinvention took more than seven months, within this period ten artists occupied the building and several events took place. The building  returned to life. It was a dialog among all artists and people participating. The spirit shall continue.

After the exhibition the space was given back to the students of Funda Community Collage. So far it is used as a work and exhibition space but things can change anytime. The photographs are showing the process of transformation.

The project provided artists with space to unite and have a synergistic quality of producing work than working alone and confined in their isolated studios. It was a strengthening force for the artists, and robust approach of shifting the paradigms of institutional boundaries to new levels of embracing public spaces for exhibitions and collaborations…

Cedril Nukeri, Artist and Former Student

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