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art in public sphere/ Facade with ornaments - permanent installation
Concept Nika Spalinger; Design Daria Tchapanova; Architects Bauart AG; Building owner Association Haus der Religionen,

Bern (CH), 2014

The ornament combines - playing with different emphases, reflections, discontinuities and fractures - everyday life, culture and religion. Formally,

it marks the dialogue-area and enhances the lively interplay of light and weather through reflection and shadow.
The design of the ornaments reflects styles and forms of different religions. It appears as a consitant net connecting all people. Looking at it closely

each form shows its uniqueness.

„The House of Religions - Dialogue of Cultures tries something unique: eight religious communities practice living together under one roof and

dialogue with the public...“

Europaplatz, Bern, Switzerland 2014

in collaboration with Nika Spalinger

Fotos: B. Murer und Daria Tchapanova©

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