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shifting shore

this book is a process,

thread the lines of potential

tracing the elements that never stop moving

renegotiate your boundaries, look at nature

so it looks back in
endless process of transformation,

Lets go back to the string;

it will connect, it is floating,
It is static, it is both.

ongoing book project 2020

56 pages, HD Canon Book
Daria Tchapanova & Oli Gots

project supported by

Kultur Niederösterreich

About the process of creation

Change is a perpetual process, witnessed or not. It is part of everyday life, only some moments are highlighted more - sometimes, because they are collectively experienced,

like a pandemic - but as soon as we become aware, something else has also happened. To document change is to walk on the lines of past, present and future. Water is the greatest symbol of change: shapeshifting, impacting and in perpetual movement. We try to capture moments of its transformation, but doing so offers only part of the story.

This project was born  during the Covid-19 pandemic. The content and the concept are not site-specific, they arise in the  context of space. The imagery is created from past material by Daria Tchapanova, captured over the last three years in various locations, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria and Austria, as well as new photographs taken along the Danube, positioning the work in present time. The words, written by Oli Gots, are born out of the imagery, but the narrative is both self-contained and in dialogue with the visual manifestations. The book is a starting point of a visual experience, the process will continue.

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