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sharing thoughts

Thuli & Daria

short captured conversation

about sustainable mobilities and friendship

Thuli: Yes, it's nice, let's do it, you know, but what's gonna be the outcome? Are we going to continue?

Daria:  It's important. It's all about that, but

I don't know.

recorded 22 november 2022

©Thuli Mlamblo-James & Daria Tchapanova

printed on paper


extracts of a research #2

Wien Woche "artist visa: a new perspective" 21.9.22/ Depot Wien

video 10:05 

©daria tchapanova

sound: Peter Zirbs

"Splinter II (Prime Numbers)"

©2021 Fabrique Records

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-23 um 09.36.19.png
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-23 um 09.36.19.png

bits and pieces 

work in progress ...

In my visual research I have talked to twelve international artists, activists and cultural workers. Their voices tell stories about cross border activities, migration, mobility, exclusion and everyday life in Europe. The ongoing video work tackles questions around exclusive mechanisms of borders in an artistic way. 

... but people will never stop moving. And artists claim their own territory beyond the concept of the nation state.

border connection_daria_rec.png

with special TXH to

Laurène Southe | Masha Godovannaya

Chinara Majidova | Sarita Jenamani

Bita Bell | Finn aka Animal Bro

Ciwan Veysel | Shahrzad Nazarpour

Cristina Peregrina | Jihad Al-khatib  

Sakina Teyna | Jaskaran Anand

work in progress ...

A report about my research ...

in collaboration


during my fellowship 

while working as a fellow of kültüř gemma! with the Austrian UNESCO Commission I initiated a project about the big topic “artistic freedom“.

I am looking at artistic freedom through the lens of “international artist mobility/ barriers & exclusion“.

OPEN CALL for interview partners

ended January 16th 2022

Thank you for your contribution!!!

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