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International artist mobility/ barriers & exclusion


For a video/research project on barriers to artistic mobility (crossing political borders) I am looking for interview partners. If you are an international artist and cultural worker who has had difficulties regarding visa, residence or artistic participation and collaboration, in particular having experiences of being excluded from art field (eg. festival, exhibition) in Austria I am happy to hear from you. I especially welcome artist positions from the so-called Global South. Each interview (max. 30 min) will be rewarded with EUR 100.

This call addresses all art disciplines.


Deadline: January 16th 2022


About me and the project

My name is Daria Tchapanova, I am a Vienna based visual artist working currently as a fellow of kültüř gemma! with the Austrian UNESCO Commission on a project about artistic freedom. I am looking at artistic freedom through the lens of “international artist mobility/ barriers & exclusion“. This lens addresses difficulties of crossing political borders, how they may become part of the artistic practice and how they are experienced, socially as well as institutionally, by artists in their everyday life. 

The goal is to look closer into various positions of artists and the barriers of artistic mobility they face in Austria. With this call I am looking for interview partners that would like to share their experiences on the topic. Parts of the interviews will be used for the final video project; form and content will be agreed upon with the interviewed artists. 


What are the difficulties you face as an international artist/cultural worker living and working in Austria?

Have you ever had problems entering Austria for an exhibition/festival/ as an artist?

Which mobility barriers (bureaucratic and social) are you facing coming from a country outside the EU?

What are your everyday challenges, in particular during the pandemic?

Do you have experiences of being excluded from art life?



If you feel addressed by some of the questions, please send me a short text about yourself and your art practice, your experiences and everyday challenges. Please feel free to submit everything relevant on the topic.

to Daria Tchapanova:



As the project is limited in time, I will pick 12 positions for an interview (interviews can be presented anonymously). The interview will last 30min and will be recorded. Preferably it will take place in my studio (Kunstquartier/Aichholzgasse 51-53, 1120 Vienna), but if you wish we can arrange another location. All covid-19 related safety measures will be provided, so that every participant feels welcome and comfortable. For each interview a small compensation of EUR 100 will be paid.


About the Austrian Commission for UNESCO

For further information on the Austrian Commission for UNESCO and their work on artistic mobility and as well artistic freedom visit:

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Every contribution matters! Daria Tchapanova

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